Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Are you protected?

Quick, which is more valuable: the Golden Goose or its eggs? Or put another way, your most valuable asset is (most likely) your ability to earn a living.

Unfortunately, Disability Income (aka Income Replacement) insurance is one of the least-bought products in our portfolio. As agents, we're partially to blame for this: how many of us really "push" DI?

And there's this: in most cases, I think individually-owned policies are preferable to those available under an employer-sponsored plan. Still, any coverage is better than none, and group plans are often more affordable than individual ones.

Independent agents (such as yours truly) represent multiple carriers, and there are any number of quality choices available. One such is Unum, which provided this video as a helpful introduction to the topic. It's relatively short (just over 5 minutes), and has a wealth of interesting info:

If your employer offer such a plan, maybe you should look into it. And if he doesn't, well then, maybe you should suggest that he do so.

Because you never know.
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