Monday, October 31, 2011

Laudable Carrier Trick (#4 or 5)

Once in a while, carriers do really great things. This is one of those times, and we want to acknowledge it.

First, check out this touching and inspirational story:

"A legally blind 16-year-old runner, Sami is traversing cross-country courses this season with her new guide dog, Chloe, and is believed to be the first high school athlete in her home state of Ohio to compete with an animal."

The teen and her Golden retriever pup run for fun and in competition. But Chloe wasn't free, and Sami's family needed a hand to help her dream become a reality.

And that's where Union Central Life (a division of Ameritas) comes in: Chloe was sponsored as the result of funds raised at Union Central Life (Cincinnati) from casual days. They sell tickets - often $3 each - to dress casually (jeans) as a fundraiser.

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