Thursday, October 06, 2011

Insuring Value

Sometimes, insurance policies fall outside the obvious categories of life/health and property/casualty. For example, Personal Guarantee coverage seems to fit comfortably into neither one.

And so it is with Home Value Protection, which "is insurance that protects you against real estate market volatility." Anyone who's been following the news recently knows that the housing market makes The Beast look tame by comparison.

So along comes HVP, which promises to protect the homeowner from some of that risk:

"At the start of the policy, the amount of insurance coverage is established ... When it's time to move, if the local housing market is down ... and you sell your home for less than the Protected Home Value, you are eligible for a claim."

Seems simple enough. I'm sure there's (much) more to it than that, but on its face, this seems pretty interesting. I'd be interested in readers' comments about its perceived value.
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