Monday, September 12, 2011

1331, 1332, Whatever it takes

And so the bill we had to pass to see what's in it just keeps on disgorging surprises. The newest twist is something called a 1331 Plan, aka Basic Health Program:

"The Section 1331 program is designed for people who earn too much to qualify for free Medicaid coverage but too little to have an easy time paying for coverage."

Which would be, what, pretty much anyone not on Medicaid?

Well, not really. To be eligible for one of these stripped down plans, one must be under 65, have a household income within a certain narrow range, and be ineligible for Medicaid.

Oh, and one more thing:

"Not be eligible for ... affordable employer-sponsored coverage."

No problem there, of course, since group health plans will be a thing of the past once ObamneyCare©'s in full force.

Also known as "standard plans," these policies would (theoretically) be offered by licensed health insurers or HMO's, and would be priced comparably with those offered by one's state's Exchange-based plans. They'd also include the standard (and stupid) 85% MLR requirement, and the now-questionable tax credits.

If this sounds unnecessarily confusing, even by government standards, welcome to the club.
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