Friday, August 05, 2011

More Swedish Meatball Medicine

Again and again we've documented the utter failure of the alternative medical schemes on which ObamaCare© has been modeled. Less than two months ago, we reported on how Swedish "medical authorities" dealt with a critically injured young girl:

"After sustaining an open chest wound of 10cm long while trimming her horse’s mane, Sweden’s emergency response services refused to send an ambulance, suggesting the 11-year-old girl take aspirin instead."

As if to prove their incompetence - or is it just lack of compassion? - these same "authorities" risk the life of a senior citizen:

"Rather than send an ambulance to respond to a call from an injured woman in Borlänge in central Sweden, emergency services operator SOS Alarm elected to call on an elderly couple living nearby to check on her instead."

In fact, the couple thus called upon couldn't even find the injured woman's apartment, wasting precious time.

But remember: nationalized medicine is so much more efficient, and compassionate, than our "broken" system.
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