Monday, July 11, 2011


[7/16/11: Sandy passed away last evening. She will be missed.]

Best selling author Gail Sheehy wrote a book several years ago titled "Passages". The book discusses the changes in life as we move from one stage to the next.

We start as a child, grow through the teen and young adult years and so forth. Along the way we have family issues to deal with, career changes and the loss of loved ones.

One person has graced our lives on a public forum for several years now. Sandy is a testament to a life fulfilled. In spite of adversity in many areas of her life she has proved to be a conqueror.

The last 3 years or so she has been courageously battling cancer. It started out as breast cancer then later returned and invaded several organs.

Throughout all this she has remained positive and inspiring to all who have come to know her. She has an infectious sense of humor, so much so, that her screen name is 1character, and she is truly a character.

Sandy agreed to share her story with IB readers a few years ago. While her post has not been updated until now, it just seems appropriate at this time.

Last week 1character notified her cyber friends that she was entering hospice. I dare say no one who read her post was able to keep from getting choked up. The dialogue that followed shows just how much she is loved, and how much she will be missed.

Someone suggested making donations in her honor to her favorite charity. We are glad to provide a link for those who want to contribute.

This link goes to Capital Caring, the Hospice that took such good care of our friend Sandy. If you're so inclined, please make your donation "In Honor Memory of ... Sandy Tucker." We've started the ball rolling with a donation of $36 from InsureBlog on her behalf. Please feel free to one-up that.

You may not know Sandy, but you probably know someone like her. IB readers have been generous in the past andLink we feel this is no different.
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