Thursday, June 09, 2011

UHC/Medco Tricks: Update

Just a quick note to bring readers up to date on the UHC/Medco issue:

■ I've been in voice and email contact with a Vice-President of United Health Group (UHC). So far, this has consisted of trading voicemails, and a quick document dump (me to him).

■ Received a call from the Medco rep in charge of the UHC account (more voicemail).

I've explained to both gentlemen that I appreciate their offer(s) to help resolve my co-worker's specific problem, but that we need to also address the big picture going forward.

■ Connected with my contact at HHS, who has provided me contact information for his counterpart at the Inspector General's office. I'm holding off on making contact until UHC and Medco have a chance to make a good faith effort at resolution.

■ Finally, I've reached out to a friend with contacts at the Ohio Attorney General's office. My previous experience with that agency is that it's best to have a specific person with whom to connect.

As an aside, Bob noticed something interesting in the email I received from my HHS guy:

"Is your co-worker a Medicare beneficiary? As far as I know, HHS only investigates fraud against HHS programs."

Which is a fair cop, but as Bob asks: "Why would HHS only get involved in Medicare claims when [HHS Secretary Shecantbeserious] thinks she has domain over all things concerning health insurance?"

UPDATE: Resolved.
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