Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thursday Morning Linkfest

FoIB Holly R sends us this tidbit, the truthfulness of which I can confirm from personal experience:

"Staying out of [the] hospital is cheaper and safer ... One in three hospital patients experiences an adverse event."

This makes sense, of course: after all, there's lots of sick people there.

■ My better half recently started a new job helping an insurer with IT issues. It's something we tend to take for granted: home office tech includes not just rating tools, but secure systems to handle sensitive personal data, in-force policy info, and more.

Stephanie Majercik recently emailed us some results from a recent Oracle Insurance survey about insurers' top concerns. The results were interesting:
Insurers struggle with business agility and see their legacy IT systems as a hurdle to optimizing customer service and faster time to market for new products and channels
Insurers feel hindered by current technologies in their efforts to deliver efficient customer service
There's more, but the bottom line is that, at least for major players, the breath of new tech is breathing heavily down their necks.

■ Finally (for now), Lab Tests Online is a web-based, non-commercial tool here you can plug in the names of various tests and learn what the doc's are really looking for. They recently celebrated a couple of important milestones, "reaching its 10th anniversary and hosting its 100 millionth visitor."

Kudos, LTO!
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