Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I gotta ask, just who is Ezra Klein and why should anyone care? More importantly, how does this guy manage to keep his job when he is so far off base that he should be tossed out of the game just on principle.

On the Obamacrap waivers he offers this view.

the law to do something in the four years between passage and implementation. So they created a host of early benefits: modest, high-polling ideas like letting kids stay on the parents’ health plans until they turned 26 and eliminating lifetime caps on coverage and ending discrimination against kids with preexisting conditions.

But the health-care market works the way it does for a reason. Insurers set those caps because if they don’t, people who know they’ll have huge lifetime expenses buy insurance and people who know they won’t have huge lifetime expenses don’t.

Oh really?

Those who KNOW they will have big medical bills buy health insurance and those who KNOW they won't don't buy insurance?

If someone is seriously ill and is already spending a lot of someone's money on health care, and they know they are not imminently terminal, then yes. Those people have a good idea they are going to need a lot of big bad insurance company dollars to pay for their continued care.

Only one problem.

They won't be able to buy such a plan. They are uninsurable under today's rules.

As for the rest of us, how would anyone KNOW with certainty they will never need a health insurance plan with an unlimited lifetime maximum?

They discriminate against kids with preexisting conditions because if they don’t, parents who know their kids are sick will sign them up in greater numbers than parents who are pretty sure their kids are healthy. You can change that by changing the whole insurance market, and the Affordable Care Act does that, telling insurers they can no longer discriminate and individuals that they can no longer wait till they’re sick to buy insurance. But it doesn’t do that until 2014.

Does this guy engage his brain before pounding his keyboard?

Any idea what will happen to rates in 2014 when you can indeed wait until you get sick before buying health insurance? Why is this a better concept than the current plan?

And won't this new Obamacrap plan discriminate against HEALTHY people by virtue of allowing sick people to skate until they get sick? Why is it OK to discriminate against healthy people but not OK to discriminate (or as we call it, underwrite) against sick people?

In the absence of bill’s real reforms — which are, incidentally, projected to lower premiums

The only one projecting lower premiums are the idiots that sold this crap to the American public.

House Republicans promptly asked the Government Accountability Office to investigate. The results of that investigation were released yesterday. The bottom line? There’s been no evident favoritism. The administration has greenlighted 95 percent of the requests for waivers,

95% approval is phenomenal.

Most of the plans cover union workers and businesses in Nancy Pelosi's district, but that is all probably just a coincidence.

Even though Obamawaivers are supposedly coming to an end one has to ask, if Obamacrap was so good why are waivers even necessary?
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