Thursday, June 16, 2011

AMA Backs Off Obamacrap Mandate

The AMA is backing off their earlier support of Obamacrap. The contentious individual mandate is no longer endorsed by the doctor group. According to the Chicago Tribune:

The AMA should "regard the purchase of health insurance to be a matter of individual responsibility to be encouraged by the use of tax incentives and other noncompulsory measures," those opposed to the mandate said in their resolution.

Individual responsibility . . . something that makes the folks in Washington cringe.

Without an individual mandate, the AMA, insurers and employer groups have said, people will wait to buy health insurance until they are sick, and that would lead to a spike in premiums for everybody.

"If large numbers of people wait to purchase health insurance until they are sick, these patient protections will drive up premiums for the insurance pool and force more people to drop coverage," said supporters of the individual mandate, including the American Academy of Family Physicians and at least eight state delegations. "Such cost shifting could lead to the collapse of private insurance markets, leaving government programs as the only recourse for many Americans."


Obamacrap must have the individual mandate in order for it to work. Even with the mandate and "100%" participation, rates for almost everyone will at least double beyond current rates. Without the mandate premiums will be even higher.

Think of it like this.

If people can wait until their house is in danger of flooding before buying flood insurance, or they could wait until diagnosed with a terminal illness before buying life insurance, how much more expensive would these items be?

This is not like waiting until you are hungry before buying food.

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