Thursday, May 26, 2011

RIP, Chuck

Turn on the TV, check out the movies, fire up Hulu, and you'll never find "The Exciting Adventures of [your name here], Insurance Agent." Sure, there was Banacek and Longstreet, but they were insurance investigators, not agents. Truth be told, there's generally little danger (or "real life" excitement) on my side of the desk; sure, it's exciting when that big case comes through, but that hardly makes for riveting television fodder. Even Evel Kneivel had hung up his pen and rate-book before his jump across the Grand Canyon.

Sometimes, though, real life has a way of delivering a wake-up call that even the most staid of professions can be dangerous:

"A KYW Newsradio traffic reporter has died — murdered, police say, in a random attack over the weekend ... The 52-year-old from Waterford, Camden County was doing another of his jobs — selling insurance and checking on clients." According to his obituary, Charles Fricker was apparently quite the entrepreneur: DJ, radio traffic guru, and agent for the Continental Insurance Company.

A full life, cut short way too soon.

Godspeed, Charles.
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