Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I Left My Heart . . .

Tony Bennett left his heart in San Francisco. Politicians leave Obamacrap waivers.

Washington correspondent Jamie Dupree noted something curious about the latest round of waivers.

Of the 221 new waivers a high percentage were in Ca-lee-forn-ya.

Specifically, San Francisco.

The waivers went to hotels, restaurants and of course unions.

But a curious pattern seemed to evolve. According to Dupree:

As for the California angle on this latest batch of waivers, at times when I was trying to identify all of the groups that won a waiver, I almost thought I was doing research on a trip to the San Francisco Bay Area.

It starts with the Blue & Gold Fleet, which takes people on cruises around San Francisco Bay. There was Cafe Mason, a restaurant in the Civic Center part of town.

Still moving alphabetically, there was Campton Place, a luxury hotel in San Francisco; Compwest Insurance, a workers' compensation insurance provider not far from The Embarcadero; Emporio Rulli, a restaurant on Chestnut Street; there's even a listing for "Fillmore Street Restaurant" as well.

But I'm not done.

There's the Franciscan Restaurant which gives you "Seafood Dining in the heart of Fishermans Wharf" and even a couple of places to stay like Hotel Fusion and Hotel Nikkio.

Almost like taking a tour of popular spots for out of towners . . . or politicians.

If you need a place to stay, there's Meridian Management Group, a company that in the San Francisco Bay Area that deals with apartment and commercial property rentals.

If you need to find a place to buy things, there's Moor & South/Pier Management, which runs a 45 acre complex in San Francisco called PIER 39 with all kinds of specialty shops and restaurants.

Back to food, there's North Beach Pizza, and if you need to find things, there is the travel guide to the city called "Only in San Francisco."

Does this seem like a trend yet?

Hmmmmmmm . . .

Given that San Francisco is a popular tourist spot, maybe this waiver list is just a coincidence. Or maybe not.

This closing comment raises some eyebrows.

If I had the time, I would dig into all 1,372 of these waivers and see how many of them go to California, which delivered over 30 votes for the Obama Health law.

It would make for an interesting story, especially it seems in San Francisco, which is the hometown of former Speaker and now House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi.

Seems we have to pass the waivers in order to know what is in them.

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