Friday, April 15, 2011

Shecantbeserious hits bottom, keeps digging

It's becoming ever more difficult to take HHS Secretary Kathy Shecantbeserious, well, seriously. To wit:

"We pay 2 1/2 times what anybody else pays in the world, and our care outcomes look like we're in a developing country.”

Leaving aside the obvious logical disconnect inherent in that statement, to which 3rd world country is she referring? Great Britain? Canada? Sweden?

She goes on to say that "(i)t takes about 17 years from the identification of a procedure, to have it fully incorporated into the medical community. But in health care, we say that's OK."

What's your point, Kathy? That the FDA takes too darned long to approve new procedures and med's? Well, how about taking that up with your counterparts at that agency? How does adding even more bureaucracy move that ball forward?

And referring to the (evil) individual mandate, this is priceless:

"I do think it's a precarious notion of not having some kind of individual responsibility."

This from a member of the least fiscally responsible administration in memory (if not history). Pot, meet kettle.
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