Tuesday, April 12, 2011

How to say ObamaCare© in Klingon

No idea how I missed this before, but in correspondence from February, United Healthcare (UHC) advised its group clients that effective this July, "[ObamaCare©] requires that group health plans make certain member notices available [in] non-English languages when specific group thresholds have been met."

According to the memo, if there are a number of folks who are literate only in some language other than the erstwhile official tongue of the land, then UHC has to offer those folks EOB's and other routine notices in their native language.

Gee, that's not going to add to the cost of health insurance.

Group admin's are then told to log onto a dedicated UHC website to complete a survey which will determine whether or not they're affected. But of course, everyone's affected by this silliness, since it increases the cost to handle day-to-day transactions, and for which everyone's rates will have to be increased.

The silliest part?


"If you do not [take the survey], we will assume that your group does not meet the threshold."

Just another Stupid Government Trick©.
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