Thursday, April 21, 2011

Baby Joseph Update

Last time we checked in with Baby Joseph was a month ago, at which time he had been evacuated from Canada to St Louis. His prognosis hadn't really changed, but his level of care was much improved.

Now we learn that "(f)ifteen-month-old Joseph Maraachli, known to the world as “Baby Joseph,” was transported from ... St. Louis, where he received a tracheotomy last month ... He arrived in Windsor, Ontario, Thursday morning."

As regular readers know, there was never really any question as to the ultimate result here: Baby Joseph does not have a long life expectancy. So this was never about quantity of life, but quality:

"The tracheotomy was done to alleviate some of the baby’s discomfort, and now Joseph is able to breathe on his own without mechanical assistance."

Doesn't seem to me to be all that much to ask for. Yet the bureauweenies running the Canadian health "care" system would rather an innocent child suffer than provide the inexpensive palliative care that was requested, and ultimately provided by the actual health care system here.
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