Tuesday, March 08, 2011

RomneyCare is Sick

RomneyCare, the poster child and plan that served as a model for Obamacrap, isn't looking so well lately. Last week the New York Times reported that health insurance premiums rose more than they would have had the "reform" not been enacted.

The Boston Herald gives us this summary.

When is someone going to notice that Massachusetts’ government-run health care system is a (not so) slow-moving train wreck?

Just last week the Wall Street Journal reported on a new study showing insurance premiums for individuals in Massachusetts “increased 6 percent to 7 percent beyond what they would have without the reform. For small employers, the increases are about 14 percent beyond those in the rest of the nation. Four years after reform, Massachusetts still has the highest insurance premiums in the nation, and the gap is getting wider.”

That's not good.

Worse, many of the newest customers aren’t paying their own premiums — they’re subsidized by taxpayers. The health care buffet is open and they’re eating for free.

We were told that health care reform would lower costs because, for example, fewer people would use the emergency room for primary care. Instead, trips to the emergency room went up as more people used their insurance more often.

And the designers are surprised? When you offer something for free, people will gorge themselves.

This isn't rocket surgery.

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