Thursday, March 31, 2011

Medicaid Train Wreck

Most of the focus on Obamacrap has centered on the impact it has had on premiums (higher, not lower), covering children (almost non-existent except as a dependent), the Obamacrap risk pool (PCIP, requires you to be uninsured for 6 months) and of course those Medicare death panels.

But a big part of "covering everyone" is expanding Medicaid rolls by some 16 million folks. How well is that going to work?

So glad you asked.

Seems the folks at (unbiased) Kaiser Health News have a thing or two to say about Medicaid.

A new Census Bureau report find revenues for local and state governments are growing but many states are still having difficulty funding Medicaid programs. In Conn., the governor says he has reservations about a proposal to create a new entity to oversee state health care. California and New Jersey officials are having trouble finding cuts to balance the budget

Well, that is just a few cry babies, right?

States also are coping with fast-increasing costs for Medicaid and higher education, while they are bracing for the loss of about $50 billion in federal stimulus money in the coming budget year

Obama purse strings tightening up?

What happened to "spending our way out of the recession"?

(Gov. Chris) Christie is hoping to save $300 million from overhauling Medicaid through a global waiver from the federal government.

The popular governor (at least in some circles) has not detailed his plan yet.

Wonder if the Chinese would like to toss a few bucks in the till? Or maybe Mo Ghadafi would like to make a donation to the cause?

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