Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Obamacare - More Waivers

Obamacare (the law) applies to everyone. There are no opt out provisions in the law, yet HHS is handing out waivers and exemptions without rhyme or reason.

Latest count had us at 700+ groups covering over 2 million individuals that are granted spectator status for Obamacrap.

Now word comes that 4 states also don't have to pay or play.

the waivers have been granted to states that have programs allowing or requiring the kind of limited medical coverage plans that would otherwise be prohibited by ObamaCare. He said the waivers are good for one year and would not neccesarily apply to all plans in the states outside the state-based programs.

The four states (so far) are FL, NJ, TN and OH.

Now isn't that special?
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