Monday, February 28, 2011

Obamacare - Beam Me Up, Scotty

The U.S.S Obamacrap is taking on water and listing to the side. In the last few months we have seen HHS grant over 900 waivers to unions and other special interest groups that have found favor with the Obama regime.

Last Friday we posted on the massive vote buying scheme by attempting to soothe the gray panthers. In exchange for their support, HHS agreed to postpone cuts to the popular Medicare Advantage program until AFTER the next election.

Now in a meeting with governors from all 57 states that he would be willing to let each state opt out of Obamacrap as long as they enacted something similar.

“It will give you more flexibility more quickly, while still guaranteeing the American people reform,” Obama said. “I will go to bat for whatever works, no matter who or where it comes from,” he said.

Well isn't that special?

So after 900+ waivers, exclusions for American Indian tribes, free passes for certain religious groups, and now this concession it begs the question, "if Obamacrap doesn't apply to those folks who does it cover?".

They are also working with states to trim Medicaid programs by eliminating benefits and removing higher-income, childless recipients from the rolls. Medicaid is the federal- state health-care program for the poor.


Obamacrap EXPANDS Medicaid to families making up to 4x the Federal Poverty Level. Now they are going to reverse that before it goes in to effect?

This has got to be a Private Benjamin moment for the White House.

"This isn't the health reform I joined. I joined the one where everyone loves me and we all join hands chanting "praise be to Barry, for he has delivered us from the evil insurance companies".

No sign of intelligent life here.

Beam me up, Scotty.

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