Thursday, February 24, 2011

The MVNHS© Cuts Deep (For Some)

Let's play a bit of Jeopardy.

The answer is: "(P)atient care would inevitably suffer"

The question is: What is the likely result of "53,150 posts ... lost across 155 hospital trusts, 126 primary care trusts, 23 ambulance trusts and 54 mental health trusts in England, as well as 15 Scottish trusts, nine Welsh trusts and six trusts in Northern Ireland."


Proponents of national health care schemes - like ObamaCare© - often tout economic and efficiency and more successful outcomes. One wonders how they can look at these results from the MVNHS© and keep saying that with a straight face.

Meanwhile, those in charge of putting tens of thousands of health care *workers* out on the street are livin' large:

"NHS bosses in charge of hospitals being forced to sack thousands of staff have seen their pay soar by up to 50 per cent in the past five years ... The chief executives at trusts facing the worst cutbacks are now on lucrative salaries far higher than the Prime Minister’s, with some earning more than £200,000."

One can almost hear the "cha-ching!" ringing in the ears of HHS Secretary Shecatbeserious and her minions.

The truth is that these kinds of systems are unsustainable, and lead to forced rationing of health care courtesy of the government, against which there is little (if any) recourse. One supposes that the Brits will continue to find medical tourism a more viable alternative.
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