Monday, January 03, 2011

Ringing in the New Year

Upon opening my email this morning, I was greeted with the following. A young lady had visited my site a few days ago and ran rates on health insurance. We were unable to connect by phone but she wanted to make sure I was aware of her interest, therefore her email.
I'm 30 need health INS but I have asthma and a hyper thyroid, so no INS will cover me fully, I would need everything to be mostly covered

Asthma comes in various forms and can be very expensive to treat. As such, carriers that are still able to issue exclusionary riders for the condition usually will do so to keep the premium affordable.

Those who do not offer riders will calculate the maximum rate up and determine if the new premium is sufficient to cover the risk. If so, they will make an offer. If not, they will decline the application.

Sometimes people tell me they have hyperthyroid when in fact it is hypothyroid, a distinctly different condition. Normally I would ask which they have, but under the new Obamacrap reduced compensation levels, I no longer have the luxury of taking the time for an extensive dialogue.

Plus, I assume this is her illness, so she should know which she has.

Hyperthyroid can lead to a host of symptoms and related conditions including muscular weakness, considerable weight loss and rapid heart beat.

Because of the complexity of hyperthyroid, the range of treatment protocol and potential side effects of a "run away thryroid", most carriers will decline the application and I told her what she would encounter.

Her response follows:
Which is why I will die young from heart disease like my mom did at 49 yes old. cause this country doesn't care! thanks anyway'

This type of response is somewhat typical and I usually just ignore it and block their email. No sense in ruining my day, or year.

Instead, I simply sent her a link to the Obamacrap risk pool . . . and then blocked her email address.
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