Friday, January 14, 2011

RepealIt Update [UPDATED & BUMPED]

The House vote to repeal ObamaCare© is back on track:

"As the White House noted, it is important for Congress to get back to work, and to that end we will resume thoughtful consideration of the health care bill next week"

Meantime, the forces of the 10th Amendment continue to march on the judicial front:

"That brings the number of states on the Florida suit to 23 and the total number of states suing to stop Obamacare (which includes Virginia and Oklahoma) to 25."

The misleading headline is most likely due to a rounding error (after all, 25 is less than half of 57).

UPDATE: And now Dorothy, Toto and the gang are joining in the fun, too:

"The state of Kansas recently asked to join the lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the Obama health care plan filed by 20 state governments ... That brings the total number of state governments litigating against the plan to twenty-six."

Granted, that's still less than half of the 57, but it's getting closer.

And, oh yeah: "Ohio, Wisconsin, and Wyoming are also seeking to join the multistate lawsuit, while Virginia and Oklahoma have filed separate challenges to the law."

Isn't that called "piling on?"
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