Thursday, January 20, 2011

About that RepealIt vote...

Regular readers may be wondering why we haven't yet weighed in on this historic occasion. There is no question that it represents an important first step in the abolition of ObamaCare©. Frankly, though, it's something we've been touting all along, so it's surprising to us only that the new Congress fulfilled a campaign pledge.

I do have some concerns about how one begins to undo the damage wrought so far by this train wreck. For example, will all those 20-somethings now be kicked back off mommy-and-daddy's plan? What will happen to groups and individuals who've already renewed, and are (literally) paying the increased price? Will carriers reinstate lifetime maximums and rescind first-dollar preventive care benefits?

And what about the few people that did sign up for one of the ObamaPools©? Will the states keep them in place until the cash cow runs dry, or simply fold up shop?

Mind you, none of these are earth-shattering in implication, but they are potentially messy loose ends that need to be tied up.

One last thing: despite the fact that it's now up to the Democrat-led Senate, this vote was far from merely "symbolic." The very best take on the "symbolism" comes from Cato's Mike Cannon:
"The symbolism of today’s House vote is striking. Within a year of ObamaCare’s enactment, the House of Representatives has voted overwhelmingly to repeal it.

That didn’t happen with Social Security. It didn’t happen with Medicare ...

Today’s vote makes it more likely that someone with the power to scrap ObamaCare will do so"
Amen, brother.
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