Saturday, December 18, 2010

That MVNHS©: Naughty Again

Geez, you'd think at this time of year, the folks behind the Much Vaunted National Health System© would be on their best behavior. After all, the Man in the Red Suit is keeping tabs on all the naughty boys and girls, especially those responsible for this:

"Hundreds of thousands of NHS patients are being denied routine procedures as dozens of trusts cut back on surgery, scans and other treatments in order to save money"

See, that's how rationing works, and that's what ObamaCare© is really all about. Now there are those who would argue - erroneously - that insurance companies do the same thing.

They don't:

Insurers simply finance care, they're not charged with delivering it. Not so a nationalized system (such as the MVNHS©): that scheme is responsible for providing care, not just paying for it.

Or not:

"Trusts around the country are refusing to pay for operations ranging from hip replacements, to cataract removal and wisdom tooth extraction."

[ed: Our Cousins Across the Pond© refer to hospitals as "Trusts." And yes, the irony is palpable]

Another key difference: insurers are regulated by the government. Nationalized healthcare systems are run by the government. When insurers screw up, they face fines and lawsuits. When government bureauweenies running the healthcare system screw up, they get raises.

Oh Brave New World, indeed.
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