Friday, January 07, 2011

Benefits Package due to arrive here on the 10th [BUMPED]

We're pleased as punch to host the next edition of the new Benefits Package blog "carnival," conceived and developed by our friend Evan Falchuk. Look for it here next Monday (the 10th).

What's the Benefits Package all about?

Glad you asked!

It's a bi-weekly round-up of the best posts in health-benefits blogging. Participation is encouraged, so if you're a benefits blogger, here's the scoop, via EPS (Evan's Package Service):
Your Benefits Package is scheduled for delivery on Monday, January 10, 2011. In order to ensure proper contents, please check the packaging material for the

■ Your blog's url
■ Your post's url
■ The post's trackback URL (if available)
■ A (brief) summary of the post

Please email your package's contents [Sorry, the deadline for BP#3 has passed] no later than today (January 7th) to ensure timely delivery.

Thanks, and Happy New Year!
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