Thursday, December 02, 2010

$3 Million Seersucker Suit

With emphasis on the "sucker" part:

"The federal government spent $3.1 million on TV ads in which actor Andy Griffith touts the new health care law, but a non-partisan watchdog group says those ads are misleading."

Well, it's not just the "watchdog group" ( who made that call; we "fisked" the former Mayberry star's infomercial in August, pointing out, for example that:

"as a senior citizen, he's about to see his own Medicare benefits - including choice of doctors - severely curtailed."

We were off the mark, though, in one aspect: we understood that the effort cost less than a million dollars. Turns out, it actually cost about 4 and a half times that.

That's more than Floyd charges for a perm!
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