Friday, November 19, 2010

Oy Canada! Part #1,387

So CanuckCare© is superior to our own (soon-to-be-replaced) system? By one metric, at least, sure:

"Canada does guarantee its citizens ... access to a Web site to check on wait times for surgeries."

Well, that's helpful!

Of course here, we have no need for such a site, since we don't really have wait times for necessary surgery. Ooops.

As noted health policy wonk David Hogberg notes, "Ms. Gorsuch in fact had her surgery canceled twice and was waiting for her third one went she suffered a fatal heart attack ...On the upside, she’s no longer on the waiting list."

Now that's comforting!

It seems that the key difference between CanuckCare© and ObamaCare© is that the former is a reality, and the the latter is merely a probability.

Feel better now?
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