Monday, November 15, 2010

Microcephalic Mongoloid Idiots

In 2005, my wife was tripped by a stray dog's leash, fell and fractured her wrist. As part of the recovery, she needed some minor physical therapy. At the time, we were covered by Health Net. Our doctor recommended a local PT company, and after verifying that they were a participating provider, she went for some treatment.

Health Net bounced the claim. Almost six months and countless hours of phone calls later, they agreed that providers shown on their web site as being in-network, who have a contract with Health Net, should actually be paid. Problem solved.
I should have known better...

Over the weekend, FIVE YEARS AFTER TREATMENT (and almost five years after I switched my company to Anthem), I received a reprocessed EOB again denying the claim. The message on the back of the EOB reads, "Recouped Payment Due to Incorrect Provider Selection".


PS: I apologize if you actually happen to be a microcephalic mongoloid idiot. It's really an unfair comparison.
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