Monday, November 29, 2010

In Vino....What?

At the Jewish New Year, which we call Rosh HaShannah ("Head of the Year"), we celebrate by dipping apples in honey. There are various interpretations of this ritual, but the most prevalent one is that the apple represents life ("the circle of life") and, of course, the honey represents sweetness.

We also offer a "kiddush," a blessing over wine as we toast the New Year.

And how, exactly, does any of this relate to health, much less insurance?

Turns out, more than is immediately obvious:

"Supplements derived from apple skins, red wine and tumeric might someday help slow the onset and progression of Alzheimer's and related diseases..."

Apple parings and a nice Merlot contain within them copious amounts of a "compound that, in Petri dishes at least, sops up type-2 alkenes and protects nerves from harm."

Although scientists still have no idea what causes Alzheimers, neurotoxicologist Richard LoPachin believes that stopping type-2 alkenes holds promise, and both apple skins and red wine are able to drink them up and throw them off.

L'Chaim ("To Life")!
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