Thursday, October 07, 2010

Shecantbeserious Waivering: You want fries with that?

On the heels of the recent McDonad's/Mini-med kerfluffle, we now learn that over 2 dozen companies have been granted temporary ObamaCare© exemptions. This of course raises a number of -- shall we say uncomfortable? -- questions:

First, under what criteria were these waivers granted? What, if any, quid pro quo was extracted from the corporate coffers of those which benefitted?

Second, what happens next year, when these waivers expire? Will they automatically renew? If not, what process will be implemented to review whether or not such exemptions will continue?

Third, what companies applied for an exemption and were declined, and on what basis?

Fourth, why is it that not only employers and insurers were granted exemptions, but also unions?

One more little time-bomb that was in the bill we had to pass to see.
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