Monday, October 11, 2010

ObamaCare© Travelin': Medical Tourism under PPACA

Steven Lash, President of Satori World Medical, thinks that there's a silver lining in ObamaCare©: it's his belief that it will continue to fuel, and in fact increase the demand for, medical tourism. He bases this belief, in part, on the fact that this train-wreck has already begun to show the stress fractures in our system as a result of increased demand without adequate supply.

With Steven's permission, here's his take:

The changes in legislation [ed: ObamaCare©] will offer both positive and negative impacts to U.S. businesses. One of the benefits of the legislation is that we now know how the future of health care is going to be shaped. There are a specific set of deliverables and timetables that have been set.

With the completion of PPACA, businesses are focused again at looking for measures to save on rising health care costs. Because of this, businesses are starting to see a place in their employee benefit plans for medical travel.

With the addition of 40 million Americans having access to health insurance, there will be increased demand for health care services. Couple that with an existing
shortage of nurses and doctors, queuing for medical care will be a natural by-product.

As the time to see a specialist increases, more individuals will seek to get immediate help through medical travel. Employers and employees will come to understand the high-quality health care that is available to them internationally as they look to end pain and ill health.

The PPACA utilizes similar features as the state-wide
Massachusetts plan, which was implemented several years ago. In the Massachusetts plan, queuing for primary and specialty care has more than tripled the wait time for appointments and treatment.

As the low cost option, medical travel will be an attractive network option for employer-based medical plans.

Thanks Steven!
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