Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Obamacare Taking on Water

The SS Obamacare is barely out of the harbor and is already taking on water. Last month HHS was forced to grant Obamacare waivers to 30 companies including McDonald's restaurants. The waivers will allow those companies to bypass some of the mandates in Obamacrap and continue to offer limited benefit health insurance plans to thousands of their employees.

Now it appears HHS it poised to cave on other portions of Obamacrap to avoid a chain reaction of large employers who are considering the cancellation group health insurance plans for their employees unless they are granted waivers as well. According to KHN, many employers are weighing the cost of implementing Obamacrap vs. dropping coverage.

an executive for the consulting firm Deloitte said, "What we are hearing in our meetings is, 'We don't want to be the first one to drop benefits, but we would be the fast second.' We are hearing that a lot."

Of course the White House is claiming that there is no merit to the proposed action.

'It could work out well and build on the employer-based system, or it could begin to dismantle the employer-based system.'"

Even the idiots in Washington know they cannot take on providing health insurance for everyone, and a cornerstone of Obamacrap relies on roughly 160 million keeping the plan they have now. As Obamacrap continues to roll out, the Medicaid rolls are expected to swell by 15 - 20 million and those individuals will be supported by new taxes at the state and federal level. Large employers who do not provide health insurance for their employees, or who drop coverage will be subject to a nominal fine. The $2,000 fine per employee is peanuts compared to what employers are paying now in premium subsidies for their employees.

The slap on the wrist fines make it a no brainer when it comes to employers choosing to continue health insurance or drop it and pay the fine.

Of course Washington specializes in no brainers . . .

to entice employers to keep benefits, the White House may waive requirements that would make it easier for them to offer new health plans that don't have to meet all requirements of the law

First McDonald's, now this.

When are the rest of us going to be exempted? Don't we deserve a break today too?

And while we are on topic, how well are those pools for people with pre-existing medical conditions working?

In Missouri, where an official said people were complaining because they thought the plans were free, the experience has been typical of many states. "The monthly premium in Missouri is as high as $972 a month; the program has only had about 140 enrollees since opening this summer.

I guess too many people thought Obamacrap was going to be free. Heck, even the president acknowledged a few weeks ago they knew they could not cover 40 million people for free.

Too bad the people who voted these clowns in to office didn't realize that.

The SS Obamacare is headed for an iceberg and the casualties will make the Titanic look like a minor accident.

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