Monday, October 18, 2010

More from the "Real World" files

A very nice young lady called the other day, looking for individual health insurance. She's a student at a local university, on her own at the tender age of 18. Her mother has moved out of state, and for a number of reasons, Karen [ed: not her real name] can't be on mom's plan. She is eligible for the university's health plan, but is (understandably) not enthused. She'd really like to have a real plan.

But she can't.

No, she's not ill, nor is she pregnant. But she is 18, and therefore ineligible for an individual medical plan. She's one of the (unintended?) victims of ObamaCare©, which has essentially destroyed the individual market for young adults.

Too bad we had to pass it to see how Karen would be hurt by it.
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