Friday, October 08, 2010

Friday LinkFest

■ At Frontpage, Tait Trussell makes the case that ObamaCare© constitutes "Medicare Malpractice" by essentially shafting "millions of low-income folks, minorities, and Hispanics." As we've noted, a lot of seniors covered by Medicare Advantage plans have been thrown under the bus.

David Hogberg offers his fisking of the New Republic's Jonathon Cohn's take on efforts at repealing ObamaCare©. He notes that this train-wreck "will force a lot of people to pay higher premiums ... lavish subsidies on the private insurance industry ... [and] put life-and-death decisions in the hands of bureaucrats." Sounds like a hat-trick to me.

Finally, the AP reports that the ObamaPools© are off to an underwhelming start (something we've long since noted), including one that we missed: "California, which has money for about 20,000 people, has received fewer than 450 applications."

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