Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Foreign Serendipity

My better half has long cautioned me that "there are no coincidences," but what am I to make of this?

First, my office email brings word from Golden Rule (Health) Insurance outlining "3 Reasons You Should Add International Health Insurance to Your Portfolio."

Among these are the opportunity to provide "an additional service to your current clients, and attract new ones, when you offer international health insurance ... International health insurance is a growing market and ... you can add a quoting link to your website that practically does all the work for you!"


But where would these droves of new (international) clients go for medical care?

The King and I know (no, not that King):

"The Tourism Authority of Thailand’s Medical Tourism Blog Contest kicks off with cash and prizes worth nearly US$20,000 up for grabs, including a seven-day all-inclusive medical tour of Thailand for 12 finalists."

Yep, the Thai Tourism agency is sponsoring a blogging contest, with many valuable prizes. Me, I'd settle for a nice dish of pad thai , but I'm a simple guy. But say I was interested (or maybe Bob, Bill or Mike would like a round-trip to an exotic foreign land); what's the deal?

"In order to win, finalists must write the best blog post and attract the highest number of unique visitors."

Hmmm. Could you be more specific?

"The competition is open to anyone who has experience writing blogs related to tourism or medical tourism in English language or containing English language."

Ah hah! Thanks for clearing that up.

So, any takers?
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