Thursday, September 23, 2010

Obamacare Roll Out - Good or Bad?

Today is the first day of a major change in the way health insurance is offered to the market place. Two big changes include "free" preventive care and children under the age of 19 can no longer be rejected when they apply for health insurance.

Well, kind of . . .

First let's look at a partial list of preventive care benefits that must be covered under health insurance plans issued on or after 9/23/2010 and made available at no charge to the insured.

Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm one-time screening for men of specified ages who have ever smoked

Aspirin use for men and women of certain ages

Colorectal Cancer screening for adults over 50

Fluoride Chemoprevention supplements for children without fluoride in their water source

All totaled, the list exceeds 70 different kinds of tests or treatment that must be paid for by health insurance companies without requiring the insured policyholder to pay anything at all.

Think about this.

Over 70 items at no charge to the patient.

But Obama and his buddies expect the public to believe all of these services are not only free but will result in LOWER health insurance premiums, not higher premiums.

What blows me away are the gullible people in the media and general population that actually buy this line.

Suppose for a moment Obama had signed a law 6 months ago that requires auto insurance  companies to cover routine maintenance at no charge to the insured car owner. Think about this. If such a law existed, starting today you could get the following at no charge to you by simply showing your auto insurance card.

Routine oil changes, tune up's and wiper blades.

Tires and brakes.

Car washes.

All diagnostic testing including engine and transmission.

Shock absorbers, radiator flush, fan belts and hoses.

All at no charge to you.

Now suppose Obama told you all these things are not only available for free, but your auto insurance premiums will go down, not up, because of this.

How many would believe that line?

If you find such a claim to be incredulous, why would you believe new services will be covered under your health insurance AND your premium will drop?

Today starts another new provision. Children under the age of 19 cannot be denied health insurance coverage under Obamacrap.

Sounds good, but here is  the catch.

Try finding a health insurance company that will issue a policy on a sick child under the age of 19. Almost without exception, health insurance companies are requiring children under 19 to apply as a dependent on their parents plan. No "child only" health insurance plans.

No problem, right?

Not so fast.

Health insurance companies can and will reject the entire family application if they are not allowed to charge an adequate rate to cover the risk.

That means no one in the family can find coverage.

Think it only affects really sick kids?

Think again.

Yesterday I submitted a trial application on a father and 2 children under age 19 based on rules that go into effect today. The father takes Lipitor to control cholesterol, one child takes no medication and has no health issues,  the second child has ADD and takes Adderall.

I submitted this information to several carriers and am waiting on a response but so far two have provided an answer.

Add 20% to the fathers rate and 100% to the child rate or decline the entire application. Another said +50% on the two individuals that are taking medication or decline the entire application.

Yeah, this Obamacrap thing is working real well.

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