Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fixed or Not: Ohio Kids' Insurance

Bob just sent me this little tidbit:

"[Ohio] has issued new guidelines aimed at enticing health insurers to reverse decisions to halt offering child-only policies to avoid federal requirements."

The DOI (Department of Insurance) just set forth new rules which they hope will clarify the ObamaCare© provision for so-called "Open Enrollment." The DOI says carriers must hold a one-off Open Enrollment "through Nov. 15 and, following that period, each January and July."

It will be interesting to see if this actually works: as I mentioned to Bob, there are some carriers which are not currently offering child policies, from which I infer that they would be exempt from this provision. If that's true -- and it's a BIG "if -- then I can't see other carriers being all that enthused about taking up the slack.

And lo and behold, the DOI itself acknowledges just this problem:

"Not all health insurers offer these policies, so please check with an agent or insurer to determine where to purchase this coverage."

Faced with this information, how long will it be until there are no carriers offering such coverage?

Any takers?
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