Friday, September 17, 2010

Child Health Insurance in Georgia

The availability and affordability of children's health insurance in Georgia is still evolving under Obamacare. It does not appear ANY Georgia health insurance company will issue children's health insurance on a stand alone basis. Any child seeking coverage must be part of a plan with at least one parent.

It now appears most carriers will blend any underwriting rate up for pre-existing medical conditions over all family members. One sick family member, especially a child, will have the cost of their care shared by other family members in the form of a higher total premum.

At least some health insurance companies have indicated it is possible a child who applies for health insurance as part of a family plan may still be denied coverage if their condition is expensive to treat. HHS opened that door a few months ago by allowing health insurance companies to only admit children on a "free pass" during open enrollment.

Problem is, HHS has not defined what an open enrollment period is or when it occurs.

Like everything else with Obamacrap, Washington is making up the rules as they go along since they have no clue.

If you don't like the rules today, no problem. By tomorrow they will only get worse.

Smaller cars, bigger health insurance headaches, Poppa Washington.

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