Monday, August 30, 2010

HHS Promotes

HHS is proud of their site for all things related to health insurance. has been up almost 2 months and it seems to have everything you want to know about health insurance options.

Seems to have, but looks can be deceiving . . .

The folks at Information Week say that there have been over 1 million visitors since July 1, 2010 and 32,000 have provided feedback on how to improve the site.

The site also has yellow boxes where visitors can give feedback and make suggestions. So far, pricing inquiries top the list of requests


You give consumers the ability to view plans and rates side by side (as if that doesn't already exist on literally thousands of sites including my own) but fail to give them rates?

What's up with that?

"Our interpretation of that is that they want to know more about the affordability of the plan, so on on October 1, you'll see not just some guidance around what your premium estimate could be, but also very importantly your deductible, your out-of-pocket maximum, and other dimensions that are really important for consumers to understand their ability to afford health insurance coverage"

Why do folks in Washington seem so proud of something that already exists?

As the website evolves, HHS is also planning to include more information, including the percentage of claims each insurer denies.

Since the site includes not only carrier information but also on SCHIP, PCIP and Medicare I wonder if it will post claim denial stats on the number one offender, which is . . . Medicare.

Once again, Washington has no clue. Just more stupid government tricks.
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