Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Health Insurance Waiting Period

Watching Obamacare unfold is not a pretty sight. We have the anticipation of much higher rates for children which will be unveiled in 30 days or less. Some health insurance companies, including Golden Rule - United HealthCare have announced they will no longer accept applications on children that are not part of an adult contract. Others have announced they are waiting on approval of new, child only, health insurance plans.

Now comes a new surprise.

Applications submitted to Golden Rule on or after 9/1/2010 will have a mandatory 30 day waiting period before coverage becomes effective.

Submit an application on 9/1/10 and the earliest coverage will be effective is 10/1/2010.

This is going to take some advance planning if you want to buy health insurance from Golden Rule. So far they are the only health insurance company with this stipulation. It is going to be interesting to see the creative ways carriers deal with the constraints of Obamacare.

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