Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Health Care Changes

Obamacrap is coming and with that comes new benefits. The folks at Google News provide some insight into upcoming changes.

First lady Michelle Obama is announcing better health insurance coverage for preventive care, from counseling for kids who struggle with a weight problem to colon cancer screenings for their middle-aged parents.

True or false?

Partial credit on this. Preventive health care is changing and in some situations has already come about. Most adults and children will now be able to have annual exams including state mandated screenings at no charge other than a routine doctor visit copay.

Counseling is NOT included in the new Obamacrap enhancements for children. In most cases the parent can opt for an increased mental health benefit rider which will cover psychological testing and counseling as any other medical condition.

Administration officials speaking on condition of anonymity ahead of Wednesday's announcement said 41 million Americans will benefit initially from the new requirements, in effect for plans starting on or after Sept. 23. Premiums will go up by 1.5 percent on average.

Probably good that they spoke anonymously since this is Obamabull. Premiums will rise significantly. The 1.5% figure quoted is pure fantasy.

Carriers are hedging their bets but privately admitting premiums on children can easily double by 9/23/2010.
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