Monday, July 19, 2010

Finally, A Carrier with "Sechel"

"Sechel" is a Yiddush word meaning common sense. As noted previously, some carriers don't seem to demonstrate that characteristic, but at least one "gets it." One of ObamaCare©'s rules requires health insurance carriers to cover "children" through their age 26. Non-medical plans, such as dental, are specifically excluded from this requirement, and for good reason:

"Covering more dependents for an extended period of time will ultimately increase the claims paid under the plan, and that added claims expense will eventually be passed on to the planholder."

That comes from an email I received from Guardian, another carrier that offers group dental and vision (and other) plans. In fact, they also "found that at least two-thirds of employers will delay extending the age limit on their medical plans as long as possible," which they're allowed (so far) to do.

As for their dental (and other non-medical) offerings, "Guardian is not mandating that planholders increase the dependent age limit on their dental and vision plans." Of course, those who choose to implement this cost-raising strategy are free to do so, which makes sense (from Guardian's perspective, at least).

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