Monday, July 26, 2010

Child Health Insurance Rates Rising

From the "What did you think would happen?" division of the land of Obamington comes this report from The Hill.

The rule barring insurance plans from turning away sick children or denying coverage for specific illnesses for children who are already covered was one of the most popular parts of the new law.

But the new rules are leading some health plans across the country to stop issuing new child-only coverage, the state officials said. That could force parents to buy costly family coverage where in the past they could have saved money by buying separate policies for themselves and their children.

Let's look at this logically, something that completely escapes the clowns in Washington.

Beginning in September, health insurance companies will not be able to refuse coverage to any child (under age 18) REGARDLESS of their medical condition(s) and must cover any all necessary treatment for those conditions. If your child is healthy or sick, you are not required to purchase coverage. There are no penalties for failing to provide health insurance for your children. You may buy health insurance on your child once their health changes and the insurance carrier is required to cover them.

In whose world is this considered insurance?

This is not insurance. This is asking someone else, in this case an insurance company, to pay for your expenses AFTER you know you are sick and can't afford to pay for your health care.

If you could buy auto insurance AFTER your car was stolen, or after the wreck, I doubt anyone would consider that a good business model. But try to apply this kind of logic to health insurance and suddenly a lot of people think that buying health insurance AFTER you get sick should be allowed if not required.

The state commissioners, who are helping write the regulations governing the overhaul of the nation's health insurance system, said they expect to see more insurers ceasing to offer new child-only coverage. They said middle-class families with healthy children, who don't have access to state public programs, will be the hardest hit.

Anyone with half a brain would have seen this coming.

Obviously the folks who designed Obamacrap are either like Dorothy's Scarecrow or they got Abby Normal's brain.

This would certainly qualify for our Stupid Government Tricks award.
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