Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Brits in Denial

It appears that we've pricked a nerve amongst some of our Cousins Across the Pond©:

"This american blog (insureblog) has been pissing me off of late. It appears to be devoted to pissing on the NHS and scaremongering about universal health care."

If by "scaremongering" the erstwhile Capt McIntyre means "accurately and exhaustively" chronicling the vast catalog of dangerous, indeed deadly, actions of the MVNHS©, well then we agree.

Where we'll have to part ways is "Trapper's" reluctance to speak up here because he fears that "the writer will probably not be talked around by me."

Unlike the "Community" at LJ, we don't require an extensive registration process, nor do we limit comments only to those "in the family." Indeed, one must be invited to join the "ontd_political" community. Here, anyone may comment, even anonymously; fact is, we only routinely delete "ad hominems" and obvious spam.

So come on in, Trapper - the water's fine!
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