Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Risk Management: Is Your Business Prepared?

Did you know that some 40 to 60 percent of small businesses never recover from a disaster, and must close their doors? But it doesn't have to be that way:

"Disaster planning and preparedness can be your lifeline to staying in business. With proper education, planning, testing and disaster assistance, you will be able to stay in business through any interruption and beyond."

Says who?

Says the Small Business Administration, which has a brand new online resource that can help you identify and manage catastrophic risks. Called 'Prepare My Business,' this site is easy to navigate and chock full of tools, educational materials and helpful links that could turn your potentially devastating loss into a business that weathers the most violent of storms.

Think it can't happen to you?

Guess again:

In fact, the SBA is presenting a webinar on this critical subject this afternoon (2PM Eastern, June 22). Click here for details and to register.

In the meantime, head over to Prepare My Business to learn that:

Smaller disasters, such as server failure, burst pipes and fires however happen every day. Companies often prepare for the worst but forget the everyday challenges, which can be just as crippling.

Testing your continuity plan is the best way to ensure that your business will remain in operation no matter what.

There are many resources available, including information to help you prepare ahead of time, free sample emergency plans, business preparedness checklists, and templates.

And much, much more.

[See Part 2 for a report on the webinar]

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