Thursday, June 24, 2010

Lexis-Nexis Top Blogs Reboot

For the past several years, we've been featured as one of the Lexis-Nexis Top 50 Insurance Blogs. This is quite an honor, and we've proudly displayed the "badge" proclaiming our status. The folks in charge are in the process of refreshing that list, and we've been nominated for "re-election." As part of the process, they're asking for input from the blogosphere.

We would really appreciate our readers letting Lexis-Nexis know why they find InsureBlog worthy of remaining in that Top 50. To do that, you'll need to leave a comment; it's easy and only takes a minute. First, click here to logon to your free web center account (don't worry, it's free) Then, scroll . . . all . . . the . . . way . . . down to the bottom of the page, fill in your name, type your comment in the box and press "Add".

The comments period ends on July 6.

Thanks so much, and we'll let you know how things go.
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