Friday, June 18, 2010

Latebreaking: The "Doc Fix" still broken, more

It was just a week or so ago that we pointed out that the so-called "Doc Fix" wasn't:

"The assumption was that there would be no actual cut. But we all know what happens when we assume ... If it does not pass, then CMS will process all claims from June 1 on based on the reduced 2010 fee schedule."

Well guess what?

The Washington Post is now reporting that "[t]he Senate effectively rejected a slimmed-down package of jobless benefits and state aid late Thursday ... The measure would protect doctors from a steep cut in Medicare rates scheduled to take effect [today]."

The bill would also have extended the notorious COBRA/ARRA subsidy, which has since expired.

Are we on the verge of seeing actual financial discipline out of Poppa Washington?

Doubtful, but hope (and change?) springs eternal.
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