Thursday, June 24, 2010

Give Me A Break!

According to the HHS Sebelius, the Patient Protection and Unaffordable Health Care Act (Obamacrap) put's "women in control".

the Affordable Care Act is the best women's health bill since Medicare.

Given that Medicare is essentially broke, is this supposed to be a good thing?

under the Affordable Care Act it is illegal to charge women more for health insurance

This is true.

Once Obamacrap is fully implemented, everyone will pay more. Absent all the other goofball provisions of Obamacrap, if the only thing the law did was call for unisex rates, it would mean that men would pay more than under the prior system. The reason for the current rate differential is simple.

Women use health care more than men and typically have higher cost procedures. So the higher premium is justified based on utilization.

Charging men more for less usage is supposed to be an improvement?

Being a woman is no longer a preexisting condition!

It never was.

It will no longer be legal to deny coverage to children due to preexisting condition

This change goes into effect 9/23/10. In the interim carriers have floated suggestions that children's rates will double over current rates at a minimum and could easily triple.

I attended a meeting yesterday where one agent planned to visit a local children's cancer clinic on 9/23 with applications in hand. He said clinics like this, many of whom provide medical care at no charge or on a sliding scale will be glad to see this new law. They will take that opportunity to move children from charity care to the insurance companies.

You can bet that will happen in a heartbeat.

Increasing current children's rates by 300% will be totally inadequate. Obamacrap is a Pandora's box and the public will learn very soon that this is going to be a Private Benjamin moment.

"This isn't the health reform I voted for. I want the one with the lower premiums, and free care."

Smaller cars, bigger health insurance premiums, Poppa Washington.
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