Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Crediting Anthem?

No, but they're certainly crediting their policyholders (although not necessarily by choice):

"Some Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield members in Ohio will receive a credit and a premium reduction."

According to the article, some 30,000 Ohio policyholders are affected, and can expect to see a $20 or so credit on their September premium notice. I'm a little confused about the math here, though: my calculator says 30 thousand members times $20 a pop comes to $600,000. But the article says that the "total amount of adjustments is about $6 million." Apparently, that includes legitimate rate increases that Anthem has agreed to forego (at least for now).

Which still leaves me wondering about this release from the Ohio Department of Insurance [via email]:

"Ohio Department of Insurance Director Mary Jo Hudson ... announced that more than 45,000 Ohioans will receive a refund or credit from ... Anthem, due to Anthem charging consumer rates that were not consistent with the rates filed with the Ohio Department of Insurance." [emphasis added]

The carrier apparently cooperated with the Department, and has agreed to a Consent Order (available here) resolving the issue to the Department’s satisfaction.

According to the press release, the overcharge affected pretty much every kind of individual health insurance plan Anthem currently sells. If you had an individual plan with Anthem in the past year or so, it'd be worthwhile calling them to see if you're eligible for the refund.

[Hat Tips: FoIBs Rick B and Holly R]
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