Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Robin Hood in the Bay State

Robin Hood robbed from the rich and gave to the poor.

At least that is the story line.

The powers that be in Massachusetts have their own version, a bit more Russell Crowe and a bit less Kevin Costner.

In this version, "wealthy" hospitals will be required to "share" their wealth by "contributing" to a fund to help make health insurance for small businesses more affordable.

The bill would let businesses with 50 or fewer workers form cooperatives to purchase insurance at a lower cost. Another provision presses insurers to spend at least 90 percent of premium dollars on care and 10 percent or less on administrative costs.

Some politicians just don't learn.

Senate President Therese Murray said the bill, which passed on a 33-4 vote, will ease instability in the insurance market, smooth out annual fluctuations in premiums and require insurers offer affordable small business plans.

Yes, mandates work so well. That is why attempts to squeeze health insurance carriers in Massachusetts has already delivered more competition and more affordable health insurance.


The debate comes a day after the state's four major health insurers said they lost $116 million in the first quarter of the year because of an ongoing dispute with Patrick on small business premiums.

Let's review for those playing along at home.

Four years ago, then Governor Romney signed a new bill aimed at lowering health insurance premiums and providing health insurance for everyone. In that time premiums have risen to the point of making health insurance premiums in Massachusetts among the highest in the nation. There are fewer choices for consumers, not more. Carriers are losing money and threatening to withdraw from the market.

Now the Mass idiots want to increase costs for hospitals which will be paid by . . . consumers and health insurance carriers which will . . . lead to even higher premiums.

Yeah, that's going to work.
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